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Camilla's debut album, Give Me A Moment, is out now!

You can listen to her full album HERE on your preferred streaming platform or support her music by ordering the physical album from Levykauppa X!

Camilla Bäckman is a singer, violinist, and songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. Her background is in classical violin, but she came to realize, at a very young age, that she was also a singer and a storyteller. She published her debut album of original music called “Give Me A Moment,” in the Fall of 2022, produced by Eddie and Justy Productions in Nashville. The album has been recorded at Nashville’s legendary RCA Studios.

In 2014, Camilla participated in The Voice of Finland, making it all the way to the live rounds. She was called back on request, to participate in  The Voice of Finland All Stars, which was shown on Finnish TV in the Fall 2021.


Camilla’s music is folkish pop with cinematic instrumental colors. The songs on “Give Me A Moment” are in both English and Finnish and tell stories of the many sides of love. She plays violin, guitar, and piano on the album, which also includes incredible musician friends from around the world, including some of Nashville's finest, her Cirque du Soleil friends, and renowned Finnish musicians like Kantele artist Maija Kauhanen.

All of Camilla’s songs, no matter the instrumentation, come straight from her heart. 


Camilla ran off to join the circus touring North America with VOLTA by Cirque du Soleil as lead singer, violinist, and an on-stage character from 2017 to 2020. She is the first Finnish singer ever to join Cirque and the experience was life changing, playing in 15 cities and over a thousand shows, with guests like Christina Aguilera, members of Queen, and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in the audience.


During the tours of VOLTA, Camilla also had the opportunity to perform the USA National Anthem before many professional sports contests with teams like the LA Lakers and the San Jose Sharks. But most importantly, she now has “circus family” all over the world, along with some unforgettable memories. You can listen to the VOLTA album here, music by M83.

In the spring of 2023 Cirque du Soleil called her back to open a special event called VIZION in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

What you didn't know

In addition to her lifetime love of music, Camilla has discovered a love for acting. In San Francisco in 2018, she discovered a wonderful, close-knit, acting community at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, which later evolved into ZA Studios, led by directors Robert Zimmerman and Peter Allas. She continued studies with them in Los Angeles and later remotely from Finland during the pandemic.


You might have heard Camilla voice-acting in cartoons in Finnish, such as the lead roles of 'Vi' in Arcane (Netflix), 'Princess Mal' in The Descendants - The Royal Wedding (Disney) and singing in numerous Disney movie choirs, such as Encanto, Vivo, Frozen and Moana.

Most recent news and what is up now

Camilla had her album release concert on the 9th of November 2022 in Musiikkiteatteri Kapsäkki, Helsinki, with a wonderful 11-member orchestra. One highlight following that was to perform her original song Sä Oot Mun Koti in Finnish TV at Nojatuolikirkko, YLE TV1 in the Spring of 2023. Coming back to the world of Cirque du Soleil in April-May 2023 with the special event show Vizion after the pandemic years was also a very emotional and a powerful experience. 

In the early Spring of 2023, she was composing and getting reinspired at The Finnish Danish Artist Residency in Beachwood, Los Angeles. While being there, she was invited to perform her original song at the ElevateMed Benefit Gala. Following that, she performed her originals as a guest artist of Soul Strings string orchestra at Käpylä's church and pianist Mikko Helenius in Helsinki, which brought her songs to life in a new inspiring way. 


This collaboration lead to a concert idea to combine the string orchestra arrangements with her band - this idea was brought to life in August of 2023 at Espan Lava. They also held Christmas concerts called 'Winter' (named after her original song) in Myllypuro's and Käpylä's church with Soul Strings and Mikko Helenius in December of 2024.

In the Fall of 2023, Camilla took a leap of faith and moved to New York to expand her career and interests in the world of musical theater. She is currently studying musical theater at the New York Film Academy, taught by Broadway artists, among other industry professionals. And as always, she is composing songs, seeking new adventures, artistic inspiration and her place in this world.

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